Alba Thermal Springs & Spa Opening Winter 2022!

Alba is located on the Mornington Peninsula, a region known for its natural beauty and native flora. Alba Thermal Springs & Spa is on a mission to build a best-in-class wellness experience, creating a facility that encapsulates serenity and stillness. Taking time for yourself to unwind, relax and focus on your health and wellbeing is essential. Alba Thermal Springs & Spa are looking forward to providing their guests with this opportunity – launching Winter 2022!

RIPE were contacted to supply an inflatable Grab Packer equipment system used for screen installations, for the Alba Thermal Springs injection bores.


  • Screen assemblies for the injection bores
  • 36 m of Schedule 40, 316 grade stainless steel casing = 28.3kg x 36 m = 1019 kg
  • 7 screens at 227 kg / unit = 1589 kg
  • 3 screens at 208 kg / unit = 624 kg
  • Total weight of each screen to be run in with RIPE’s Inflatable Grab Packer = 3,232 kg


  • Grab Packer (Ø140mm)
  • To suit 6″ SS Sch 40 Riser
  • Carbon Steel / Natural Rubber Construction
  • 3½” API Regular Pin Up
  • Cross Over Sub 3½” API REG BOX to 3½” IF Box
  • Inflation Gauge Board
  • 1200 meters ¼” Inflation Tube – Nylon 11
  • 2 x Hose Reels – pre-spooled and tested each with 600m of 1/4″ inflation tube ready for use!
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • 2 x H.P. Whip Hose (3 meters)


  • First Contacted Tuesday 9th of February 2021
  • Order received Friday 12th of February 2021
  • Grab Packer equipment dispatched the same day via Road Express going to VIC from WA.
  • Automated freight movement updates sent to client while equipment travelled.
  • Arrived Tuesday 16th of February 2021, ready for use upon arrival!


“G’day John,

I am just writing, wanted to say thank you, to you and Jessica for your assistance in mobilising a packer to the Alba Thermal Springs project.

We greatly appreciated the effort RIPE made to get the equipment to us without delay and associated rig costs.

The packer worked well in both screen installations and the project has been successfully completed.


Steve – Senior Hydrogeologist

Rockwater Pty Ltd”