Blind Packers

Used predominantly by the irrigation and reticulation industry when installing domestic bores. 

When sinking a bore in with a spear and sludge pumping method, the slotted PVC pipe screen is not capped at the end. The uncapped edge of the PVC pipe provides a cutting action through the mud and also allows for the sand and mud to be pumped out as the screen drops in. Once in place a RIPE Blind Packer can be deployed down inside the bores casing and positioned within the lower part of the screen below the slots. This seals the end of the bore screen stopping any mud and sludge from coming up and interfering with the submersible pump.

RIPE’s PVC Blind Packer are made from Class 9 pressure rated PVC manufactured to Australian and New Zealand standards. Multiple rubber ribs ensure a good seal is achieved and a stainless steel latch allows for easy deployment and retrieval. 

RIPE’s Blind Packers may be ordered as a complete unit, standard sizes to suit 80NB, 100NB and 125NB class 9 PVC pressure pipe, are available off the shelf.  Just the rubber sleeve can also be purchased as a standalone item. Custom sizes are manufactured upon request.


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