Multiport Straddle Packers

In recent years, there have been significant advances in the development of groundwater sampling systems for environmental monitoring. Most notable are those sampling systems that enable multilevel monitoring and the collection of multiple depth samples from a single monitoring bore via a multi-port straddle packer assembly.

Cost Effective

Prior to the development of these multilevel groundwater sampling systems, nested or clustered monitoring bores were typically used to characterize vertical variations in water quality across aquifer zones. Individual bores in a bore cluster each require their own drilling and materials, overheads can further add up for the disposal of contaminated soil and groundwater. Costs associated with several bores in a cluster or nest can be significantly greater compared with a multilevel system, that uses multiport straddle packers installed in a single monitoring bore.

Higher Quality Data

Traditional monitoring wells, with long screened intervals also blend groundwater over the entire length of the screen which can dilute the true contaminant concentrations. Additionally this makes it difficult to determine the distribution zone in a formation, as research has shown that contaminant plumes are often thin and stratified. Multiport straddle packers overcome this problem by providing a secure seal between packers to isolate specific zones, avoiding ambient flow within a monitoring bore. This provides reliable detailed data for mass discharge calculations and a more accurate site assessment of any ground contamination, resulting in more effective and less expensive remediation. 

Multiport Straddle Packer systems for multilevel subsurface environmental monitoring are manufactured by RIPE to suit many different applications and can be configured for permanent and semi-permanent installations. So if you have a requirement to isolate specific zones in monitoring bores for ground water & poisonous gas contamination in subsurface formations, don’t hesitate, gives us a call, we can provide advice and discuss your packer equipment options today!


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